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Carpenters Insurance


Working as a carpenter is not an easy job. It involves a lot of risks and dangers as carpenters need to climb heights in order to get their job done. It is one of the most creative jobs which require a lot of skills. Thus, protecting the skill with insurance is very essential in order to sail smoothly. Whether you work individually or with a team, it is very important to protect yourself or a team from any kind of mishap or danger to avoid losses. The right insurance can protect you to a great extent without showing you bad times. At Tradesman Saver, carpenters can find personalized insurances to protect themselves from all kinds of dangers while working round the clock. The company understands the risks involved in the job, thus designed a versatile range of covers to ensure optimum level of protection.
Carpenter’s & Joiner’s Insurance- Automatic Covers


Under this category the Company offers 4 automatic and beneficial covers:

  • Public Liability: It offers business protection from all kinds of accidents including damages caused by tools, damages to client’s property, and damages from unforeseen accidents etc. Here up to £5 million public and products liability plus £10,000 financial cover is given.
  • Financial loss: Here carpenters will get financial cover from all types of accidents and unfortunate accidents. The cover of £5 million public and product liability plus £10000 financial loss cover is given along with automatic indemnity limit of £1 million public liability cover.
  • Product liability: If any kind of damage caused by product to client’s property. Also, if you get damaged products then you can claim compensation under this cover to save yourself from damages claim by customers. The indemnity limit for product liability insurance is £1 million which can be increased to £2 million or £5 million.
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  • Legal expenses: Nowadays, legal disputes are unavoidable and involve a lot of money. To save yourself from any unforeseen legal dispute or expenses, insure yourself and your business with legal expenses cover which offers up to £250,000 and covers wide range of legal disputes.

Optional covers

  • Employers Liability: As the name suggests, it is meant to safeguard employers. The staff plays a major role in the development of any business. And ensuring their safety is employer’s job. To save expenses on staff getting injured on a job, the Company offers Employer’s Liability insurance with amazing cover range and benefits.
  • Tools & equipments: Protecting tools and equipments is nothing short of protecting your life. They are precious and expensive, thus protecting them from theft, fire and any unforeseen accident is important for employers. Under this cover, carpenters will get amazing benefits of over £5000 cover per person for tools and equipments along with many more benefits.
  • Contractors all risks: It acts as a standard insurance which will protect carpenters or tradesman from all kinds of risks and damages. It comes with wide range of covers and benefits for all risks and damages.
  • Business Contents: To protect your office equipments such as telephone systems, photocopiers, furniture, PCs, desks and other office accessories, the Company offers business contents cover of up to £20,000.
  • Professional Indemnity: If you want to protect your business from claims of professional negligence then this cover is very important. It offers a standard limit of £50,000 and can be customized as per your requirements. More about Carpenter Insurance.

Other covers

  • Personal accident: God forbid, if you get injured in an accident, then it would require a lot of money for treatment. Sometimes, a person will be unable to work due to fatal or potential injuries. Thus, this personal accident cover offers a lump-sum payment following an accident or a weekly cash benefit so that you can look after you without worrying about business.